Food Truck Ministry


There are over 35 million people in America facing hunger and some of them surely live in our neighborhood and there are over 96 billion pounds of food wasted each year and our community must have plenty of food that never reaches the mouths of the hungry and the needy. With the Merrimack Valley Dream Center’s Food Truck Ministry, we are providing free groceries bags to under resourced individuals and families in the housing projects in our community.  We connect with other partner agencies that can provide resources that they may need. Everything we do is about relationships. One of the things we have learned over the years as doing ministry work in the community is that we just don’t hand out food, but we merely use food as a conduit to connect human to human and heart to heart. Every item is carefully screened to meet all USDA requirements for health and safety. We sort produce, bread and canned food on site into grocery bags for them to take home. Services are provided once a month to designated housing projects. If you would like more information, Please email us.